5 Kids Code Institutes You need to check out.

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Education Technology for Kids is gradually being adopted by parents, educators, guardians, and all involved in children's educational growth.

In this article, I will be talking about 5 Kids Code Institutes you should probably register kids with.

  • The innovative Child Network is a nonprofit based in Uyo that supports kids with books and skill-based education, builds capacities and raises funds to provide learning aids to schools in rural and low-income communities. They offer literacy programs, mentoring, and Programming training with Scratch. They desire to build a progressive society by impacting one child at a time.


  • Tech Quest STEM Academy is a nonprofit based in Lagos that provides education technology content, resources, and tools for the delivery of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), ICT, and digital literacy programs to young Africans at scale. TQ allows volunteers to create sub clubs in different schools. If you are interested in having a Tech Club in your school or community, you can partner with Tech Quest


  • Smart Kids Zone is the first action-based learning Center in Africa that plans youngsters for the difficulties of the 21st century and preparing them for advancement by giving an exciting fiery climate for youngsters where innovation, fitness, and business venture training converge.


  • Rubies Technologies is an organization based in Lagos that empowers Kids & Teens with digital skills to help create innovative ideas and build solutions with various technologies in web development, mobile, and scratch for kids. They desire to guarantee all Africans are Digitally/Technologically engaged to tackle issues and make esteem.


  • Code Club Nigeria sway the kids by furnishing each youngster with the ability to envision, make, share thoughts and acquire advanced abilities through coding and mechanical technology(robotics).



Education Technology has become an important aspect of the 21st-century child's development. With Kids like Joshua Agboola doing amazing things with technology, it's important can not be overemphasized. Sign your kids up for a coding class today.

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